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Sacred Balance Global Grid

The Great Mother is Calling for 
Sacred Balance...

Will You Be A Part Of The Activation?
It is Time.



I have been a part of the 1000 Goddess Gathering Movement since the first anchoring on 2016 in Washington DC and have continued to grow as a steward of the global grid. As we continue to be guided by the Great Mother, the next expression has come through.


The “1000 Goddesses Gathering Global

Grid”, is thrilled to announce the

 “Sacred Balance Global Grid”.

On March 20, 2022, multiple ceremonies of women and men will be organized around the world, creating a powerful Unified Field of healing.

The purpose of this Global Grid is to invite

the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to come forward in Balance – to help usher in

the New Earth.

If you feel this call, please click the link to learn more and join us in your sacred circle as we activate the Sacred Balance Global Grid

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